Gutters | Specifications


Metal: 29 ga. G-90 L.F.Q. 2-Sided hot dipped galvanized steel.
Paint Preparation: J.M.E. Chemicals, pollution free ORG5 chronic acid conversion coating both sides.
Paint system:
  • Prime Coat: Reliance Universal Prime-A-Sol Primer.
  • Top Coap: Reliance Universal REI-Sheild IV Striated Vinyl Plastisol
  • Back Coat: J.M.E. Chemicals Organakrome Epoxy-Chromate Coating
Tensile Strength: ASTM 526 50,000/PSI approx.


Metal: 28-gauge galvanized L.F.Q. with both sides zinc coated by continuous method.
Paint Preparation: Both sides of substrate chemically cleaned with an alkaline "Parco 338W" cleaner. Dry in place chrome conversion coating with Henkel "1402W Bonderite" applied to both sides of substrate.
Paint system:
  • Prime Coat: AZKO-Nobel Coating's "Prime-A-Sol" corrosion resistance primer
  • Top Coap: AZKO-Nobel Coating's chemical striated vinyl plastisol
  • Back Coat: AKKO-Nobel Coating's corrosion resisting backer
Tensile Strength: 50,000/PSI approx. Yield Strength PSI 35,000.

All materials conform to ASTMA653-M.


Dear ABC Seamless, last week a young employee of yours was sent to our home to replace all our windows. In the course of his work it was necessary for him to make many trips through all rooms in the house. Although I don't know his name I commend him for his professional manner, unobtrusive presence, loyalty to his company, & politeness to us. When the windows were all installed he washed & cleaned all the areas in which he had worked. Whenever I see the name ABC Seamless I will think of the fine representative of your company. I hope you will commend him for me. Thank You.
– C Angnes

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